VCD – Reproductive, Female

The organs of this female cat have been exposed.   Female cats have two uterine horns (instead of the single uterus found in humans).  The embryos develop on either side allowing for large litters of kittens to be born.  At the top of the uterine horns is the ovary, where eggs are produced for fertilization.  The uterine horns of the cat are analogous to the Fallopian Tubes in a human.


Most cats obtained from biological companies are not pregnant.  In fact, the pregnant cats must be specially ordered and will cost a bit more.   Occasionally, a pregnant cat gets included in an order because the pregnancy was too early to be detected.  The following photo shows the uterine horns enlarged due to the developing embryos within them.


Coming Soon:  Male Reproductive System

More photos of structures can be seen at the Cat Dissection Gallery



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