Anatomy Galleries

The following galleries have been added to this site.  Photos were taken from various laboratory dissections, labels were added to some of the images.   These can be used as a resource for students and educators in anatomy.  Please link back to this site if you use these images.

Human Bones,  Disarticulated

Cat Muscles – labeled and unlabeled photos of real cat dissections

Brain, Sheep – real photos of the sheep’s brain, label for each of the lobes of the brain and internal structures (corpus callosum, pituitary gland, medulla oblongata, etc..)

Eye Dissection – a cow eye is dissected, revealing the retina, aqueous humor, lens and other stuctures

Sheep Heart Dissection  – sheep heart is dissected to show individual chambers within the heart and the attaching vessels. Vessels and chambers are labeled.

Circulatory System, Cat Vessels – this dissection focused on individual blood vessels of the cat, many of which are the same in humans.  Vessels include: aorta, carotid, femoral, iliac, vena cava, brachiocephalic, subclavian, and many others.

Circulatory System, Human Models – models of the human are shown with muscles identified.

Blood Drive – photos from a student blood drive illustrate the equipment and processes involved in donating blood.

Blood Type Analysis – class project where students took a sample of their own blood and determined their blood type using antigen serum.

Cat Dissection – a bank of images of the cat showing major internal organs with labels.

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