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Celiac Trunk

The celiac trunk (artery) is the first major branch of the abdominal aorta, as shown in the photo below. The celiac artery then branches into the gastric artery, which goes to the stomach, the hepatic artery  that goes to the liver, and the splenic artery that goes to …

Iliac Artery

On the cat, the external iliac arteries bifurcate off the abdominal aorta, forming a Y.   The internal iliac arteries also form a Y on the inside of the external iliac arteries.    The external iliac arteries will continue into the hind limbs of the cat and become …

Iliac Arteries

If you trace the aorta into the abdomen, it will eventually branch into two large vessels that go into the lower extremities, the external iliac arteries.   Smaller vessels, the internal iliac vessels supply blood to the genitals.