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Superior Colliculus

The superior colliculus is part of the midbrain, also known as the tectum in non-mammalian vertebrates.  This area of the brain directs behavioral responses, particularly how the eyes respond to stimulus and the corresponding movement of the head and neck. If you are looking for this structure in …

Sheep Brain, External Anatomy

Video shows the major structures:  cerebrum, transverse fissure, longitudinal fissure, superior and inferior colliculi, pineal gland, cerebellum.

Mesenteric Artery

Finding the superior and inferior mesenteric arteries takes patience.  Carefully tease away the connective tissue around the large intestine and find where it attaches to the abdominal aorta.   A = abdominal aorta B = celiac trunk C = superior mesenteric artery D = inferior mesenteric artery

Vessels that Leave the Heart

This video shows the heart and the major vessels that branch from it on a dissected cat.  The superior vena cava, aorta, subclavian, and brachiocephalic vessels are shown clearly to help students identify them on their own specimens.