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The pancreas can be one of the more difficult structures for beginning anatomy students.  This is partly because it is a gland that doesn’t preserve well and can fall apart easily when handling the stomach or other organs.  In ideal specimens, the pancreas can be seen as a bumpy …

Label – Digestive System (Overall)

  Answers: A.  Parotid Salivary Gland      B.  Tongue C.  Sublingual Salivary Gland           D.  Esophagus E.  Cardiac Sphincter Valve      AB.  Liver             AC.  Gall Bladder AD.  Ascending Colon           AE.  Cecum   …

Label the Liver

  A.  Esophagus          B.  Cardiac Sphincter Valve C.  Stomach             D.  Pancreas              E. Duodenum AB.  Gall Bladder         AC.  Liver