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Brain – Transverse Fissure

The cerebrum and cerebellum of the brain are divided by the transverse fissure.   The left and right hemispheres of the brain are divided by the longitudinal fissure. A fissure is a groove or a natural division, and with the brain are divide major regions. Sulci (singular: sulcus) are …

Label the Brain

  A = motor cortex | B = central sulcus | C = sensory cortex | D= parietal lobe | E = occipital lobe | AB = temporal lobe | AC = cerebellum |  AD = medulla oblongata |  AE = pons | BD = lateral fissure  | BE = …

Sheep Brain, External Anatomy

Video shows the major structures:  cerebrum, transverse fissure, longitudinal fissure, superior and inferior colliculi, pineal gland, cerebellum.