Pectoralis Muscles of the Cat

This cat illustrates the three pectoralis muscles:  the pectoantebrachialis, the pectoralis major, and the pectoralis minor.    One way to find the pectoantebrachialis is to stretch the forelimbs of the cat which will reveal the bordering fascia.  This muscles goes straight across the chest and to the forelimbs.  The pectoralis major lies underneath is and is usually best viewed just below the pectoantebrachialis.  The pectoralis minor is below the major.  The xiphihumeralis is named for its attachment to the xiphoid process of the sternum and the humerus.   This muscle is usually darker than the other pectoralis muscles in the group.

Pectoantebrachialis = green pin
Pectoralis major = blue pin
Pectoralis minor = yellow pin
Xiphihumeralis = white pin



labeled muscles