Bones of the Foot

The bones of the ankle are collectively called the tarsals.  The largest bone of this group is the calcaneus (9), or the heel bone.  The talus (8) has an irregular shape and is commonly referred to as the “instep.”   The navicular bone (7) is named for its shape, which resembles a small boat.   There are three cuneiforms that lie in front of the navicular and are easily remembered based on their positions.   The inner most cuneiform which articulates with the metatarsals (2) of the big toe is the medial cuneiform (3).  The outermost one is the lateral cuneiform (5) with the intermediate cuneiform (5) lying between them.  The most lateral tarsal bone is the cuboid (6), which is shaped like a cube.

The foot bones are called the metatarsals (2) and the toes bones are collectively called the phalanges.   There are three phalanges:  proximal (1c), middle  (1b) and distal (1c).   The big toe only has the proximal and distal phalanx.  foot bones


foot bones


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