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Vessels Leaving the Heart

A = brachiocephalic veinB = mammary veinC = superior vena cavaD = pulmonary veinE = external jugular veinF = subclavian veinG = subclavian arteryH = brachiocephalic arteryI = aorta

Cat Heart – In Situ

An “in situ” view is one that leaves the structure in it’s original place.  In the view below, the heart of the cat has been cut to reveal the left and right ventricle.  Note that the left ventricle has a much thicker muscular wall.  This is because it …

Heart – Systole and Diastole

During the cardiac cycle, two contractions occur.  Systole occurs when the muscles contract and diastole occurs when the muscles relax.   Atrial systole occurs when the atria contract and push blood into the lower ventricles.  During this point, the aortic valve is closed.   Ventricular contraction then occurs …

Heart and Lungs

The heart and lungs of mammals are closely associated.  You can find the lungs located on either side of the heart and often toward the dorsal side of the thoracic cavity.  The lungs are soft, spongy tissue that are attached to the heart by the pulmonary artery and …

Aorta and Pulmonary Vessels

Often students mistake the pulmonary artery for the aorta.  The pulmonary artery, or pulmonary trunk, is the most anterior vessel found on the heart; it is indicated below with a blue pencil.  The aorta lies behind the pulmonary trunk, indicated with the red pencil. When the heart is …

Heart – Coronary Vessels

This image of the heart shows a close-up view of the coronary vessels that are located on its surface.  The cat has been injected with latex to color the vessels (blue for veins, pink for arteries.)  Also visible is the pulmonary artery and the aorta.

Heart – Pulmonary Trunk

The green pin in this heart indicates the pulmonary trunk which will split into the left and right pulmonary arteries.   It is the most anterior vessel of the heart and carries blood from the heart to the lungs where blood becomes oxygenated and returns back to the …

Dissection of the Sheep Heart

The vessels of the heart are identified in this video: aorta, pulmonary trunk, brachiocephalic, and the vena cava.  The heart is then cut in half the the internal structures are revealed: the atria,  ventricles, bicuspid and tricuspid.