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Male vs Female Pelvis

An illustration of a male and female pelvis showing the differences between the shape of the ileum, the angle between the right and left ischium (pubic arch).  The sacrum in females is also much wider.  These features create a larger opening in the pelvis, an adaptation for childbirth.

Femur – Proximal End

The proximal end of the femur articulates with the hip.  The rounded head of the femur fits within the acetabulum of the coxal bones, forming a ball-and-socket joint.  The fovea capitis is a small depression in the head serves as an attachment point for ligaments.   The greater trochanter …

Label the Structures of the Pelvis

                Answers: A=sacrum B = ilium C = acetabulum D = ischium E = obturator foramen AB = pubis AC = symphysis pubis AD = sacroiliac joint This quiz is also available on quizlet.