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Quiz: Kidney Anatomy

  Capsule ┬áCortex ┬áRenal Pyramids Renal Tubules Malpighian corpuscles Renal Papillae Medulla Renal Pelvis Ureter Renal Vein Renal Artery Hilus Calyx Interlobar arteries and veins

Label the Urinary System

  Answers: A= Renal Vein B= Right Kidney C= Inferior Vena Cava D = Urinary Bladder E= Renal Artery AB = Right Kidney AC = Abdominal Aorta AD = Ureter AE = Urethra

Label the Kidney

A = interlobar arteries and veins B = renal artery C = renal vein D = ureter E = renal pyramids F = minor calyx G = major calyx H = renal pelvis I = capsule J = medulla K = cortex L = nephrons

Urinary Bladder

  The urinary bladder is found in the lower abdominal cavity, shown here with the two ureters that drain urine from the kidneys into the bladder.