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Label the Parts of a Long Bone

    a = epiphysis b = diaphysis c = articular cartilage d = periosteum f = compact bone g = medullary cavity (yellow marrow) h = endosteum j = epiphyseal line (growth plate) Coloring worksheet for this image.  

Label the Eye

  A = retina | B = choroid | C = sclera | D = cornea E = lens  | F = pupil | G = iris  | H = suspensory ligaments I = optic disk | J = optic nerve | K = fovea centralis (macula) X …

Label – Digestive System (Overall)

  Answers: A.  Parotid Salivary Gland      B.  Tongue C.  Sublingual Salivary Gland           D.  Esophagus E.  Cardiac Sphincter Valve      AB.  Liver             AC.  Gall Bladder AD.  Ascending Colon           AE.  Cecum   …

Label the Liver

  A.  Esophagus          B.  Cardiac Sphincter Valve C.  Stomach             D.  Pancreas              E. Duodenum AB.  Gall Bladder         AC.  Liver

Label the Digestive System

    A.  Stomach      B.  Duodenum C.  Jejunum (small intestine) D.  Ascending Colon                 AB    Cecum AC.  Mesentery               AD.  Appendix AE.  Ileum (small intestine)


  A.   Esophagus     B.  Cardiac Sphincter Valve C.  Fundus           D.  Cardiac region of the stomach E.  Body of the stomach            AB.  Rugae AC.  Pyloric Region of the stomach AD.  Pyloric Sphincter Valve AE.  Duodenum of …