Skeleton Practical

Students learn the names of bones and their structures for Anatomy and Physiology.  This is a much more in-depth study than just labeling the skeleton bones because they also need to know the features of the bones where muscles attach and how the bones fit together. 

I use this Lab Guide, which names all the parts of bones they need to know. Students get about a week to learn the parts, where I will also give them informal quizzes to check their progress.    The last day of the lab, I have them reconstruct two disarticulated skeletons.   (Pro-tip, if you have multiple skeletons in your classroom, mark each with a color using a permanent marker, I have red skeleton and blue skeleton.  That helps me get them back into the right boxes. 

Their final assessment is a lab practical where students go to a station and identify the structures tagged.    I have split classes of honors anatomy and regular anatomy.  The honors anatomy students do not get a word bank, but regular students are giving a version of the lab guide.  

Skeleton Practical 2015 – click to view the entire test from 2015, the answers are on the last image.