Do You Need to Learn the Carpals?

This is one of the hardest groups of bones to commit to memory and you will likely forget it if you don’t use it often.  College professors and some high school anatomy teachers might ask you to learn the bones of the wrist.  The task is made even more daunting by the fact that the pictures can be positioned in many different ways: right hand, left hand, pronated hand, hand pointing up… etc.    A google search for carpels will should you the many different ways the hand can be pictured.  It will do you no good to memorize the picture unless you know for sure which one your instructor will be using.


This X ray shows a hand in a different position.


E: Trapezium F: Trapezoid bone G: Capitate bone H: Hamate bone; A: Scaphoid bone B: Lunate bone C: Triquetral bone D: Pisiform bone   (Source: wikimedia)

The best way to approach the memorization is to use helpful mnemonics like:

  1. She (A) Looks (B) Too (C) Pretty  (D)

    Try (E) To (F) Catch (G) Her (H)

  2. So (A)  Long (B) to (C) Pinky  (D)
    Here (H) Comes (G) the (F) Thumb  (E)

This one is my favorite, those possibly a little too risque’ for high school.

Some Lovers Try Positions That They Can’t Handle.



For additional practice, check out the flashcards and quiz on Quizlet:  Studyset: Carpals