Human Muscles Coloring
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Find each of the muscles (or groups) and color them appropriately. For simplicity, not all groups are shown, and for some you can only see them partially.

square Masseter (dark green)
square Zygomaticus (gray)
square Platysma (orange)
square Orbicularis oculi (pink)
square Epicranius frontalis (yellow)
square Orbicularis oris (red)
square Sternocleidomastoid (light green)
square Trapezius (brown) - only top part shown
square Pectoralis major (purple)
square Deltoid (dark blue)
square Brachioradialis (yellow)
square Extensor digitorum (orange)
square Biceps brachii (light blue)
square Triceps brachii (pink)
square External oblique (dark green)
square Rectus abdominus (pink)
square Sartorius (red)

Quadriceps group

square Rectus Femoris (purple)
square Vastus Medialis (yellow)
square Vastus Lateralis (light brown)

square Gluteus medius (orange)
square Tibialis anterior (light green)
Gastrocnemius (dark blue)