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    I am a teacher at Granite City High School, in a town outside of St Louis. I have my Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and a Masters degree in Educational Technology. is actually my second project, my first website is and has been active for several years. Anatomycorner was created because I began teaching more anatomy classes than biology and my site was getting very crowded with anatomy resources. I decided to migrate those resources over to this new domain.

    The main focus of is to organize and compile anatomy resources, mainly in the form of image banks.  Each year students dissect a variety of organisms and learn from classroom models.  These class projects cannot be duplicated at home and students often have no way to study the anatomy of the specimens they looked at in class.  For this reason, I’ve spent the last two years taking photos, categorizing and labeling.   I do not claim to be a great photographer, but hopefully I have improved since the first shots I took.  All images are licensed via creative commons.  You are welcome to use them in your own projects and presentions, but please credit the source with a link back to


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