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Mesenteric Artery

Finding the superior and inferior mesenteric arteries takes patience.  Carefully tease away the connective tissue around the large intestine and find where it attaches to the abdominal aorta.   A = abdominal aorta B = celiac trunk C = superior mesenteric artery D = inferior mesenteric artery

Label – Digestive System (Overall)

  Answers: A.  Parotid Salivary Gland      B.  Tongue C.  Sublingual Salivary Gland           D.  Esophagus E.  Cardiac Sphincter Valve      AB.  Liver             AC.  Gall Bladder AD.  Ascending Colon           AE.  Cecum

Label the Liver

  A.  Esophagus          B.  Cardiac Sphincter Valve C.  Stomach             D.  Pancreas              E. Duodenum AB.  Gall Bladder         AC.  Liver

Label the Digestive System

    A.  Stomach      B.  Duodenum C.  Jejunum (small intestine) D.  Ascending Colon                 AB    Cecum AC.  Mesentery               AD.  Appendix AE.  Ileum (small intestine)

Iliac Arteries

If you trace the aorta into the abdomen, it will eventually branch into two large vessels that go into the lower extremities, the external iliac arteries.   Smaller vessels, the internal iliac vessels supply blood to the genitals.

Superior Vena Cava

This image shows the superior vena cava and the two brachiocephalic veins that branch from it.  The brachiocephalic vein then branches into the subclavian artery and the external jugular veins.